Pacific Science Association

Official Resolutions of the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress

Suva, Fiji

12 July 2013

The Organizers of the 12th Pacific Science Inter-Congress:

Recalling the theme of the Inter-Congress, “Science for Human Security and Sustainable Development in the Pacific Islands and Rim”, and recognizing the critical role of science, technology, and innovation in developing solutions to the challenges of global change and for the development of the nations in and around the Pacific Ocean,

Recognizing that the countries and territories of the Pacific Rim and Basin are expected to be major contributors to scientific research and sustainable solutions in coming decades,

Acknowledging that science is inherently global, and that international collaboration and cooperation are essential to successful outcomes that meet both planetary health and human needs,

Call upon the scientific community, governments, the business community, non-governmental organizations and local communities in the region and elsewhere to:

The Organizers of the Inter-Congress recognize these issues of particular relevance to the Pacific Islands and recommend the following actions and approaches:

Compiled and edited by the PSA Council Resolutions Committee: Burke Burnett (PSA Executive Secretary), Chang-Hung Chou (PSA Vice President), Phil Cowan (PSA Council Delegate, New Zealand), Sang-Bok Han (PSA Council Delegate, Korea), and Kevin Johnson (PSA Council Delegate, USA).

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