Pacific Science Association

Honorary Life Fellows of the Pacific Science Association

The Pacific Science Association confers Honorary Life Fellowships to scientists who have given distinguished service either directly to the Association or by furthering the objectives for which the Association was founded. The Fellowships are awarded quadrennially at Pacific Science Congresses to outstanding and distinguished leaders in Pacific science.

The Honorary Life Fellows of the Pacific Science Association are:

Prof. A. P. Elkin, Australia—1961 (deceased)

Prof. Carl Skottsberg, Sweden—1961 (deceased)

Prof. Koji Kidaka, Japan—1966 (deceased)

Dr. Cyril E. Pemberton, U.S.A.—1966 (deceased)

Dr. Harold J. Coolidge, U.S.A.—1969 (deceased)

Sir Maurice Yonge, U.K.—1971 (deceased)

Prof. Sarwono Prawirohardjo, Indonesia—1971

Mr. Edwin H. Bryan, Jr., U.S.A.—1973 (deceased)

Prof. Yoshio Hiyama, Japan—1973 (deceased)

Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Canada—1975

Dr. John A. R. Miles—New Zealand—1975

Dr. Roland W. Force, U.S.A.—1977 (deceased)

Sir Otto Frankel, Australia—1979

Dr. William S. Hoar, Canada—1979

Dr. Cyril S. Belshaw, Canada—1981

Dr. Goh Keng Swee, Singapore—1981

Dr. John E. Bardach, U.S.A.—1983 (deceased)

Prof. Taikyue Ree, Republic of Korea—I983

Academician N. A. Shilo, U.S.S.R.—1985

Prof. Sanga Sabhasri, Thailand—1985

Dr. Paulo Campos, Philippines—1987

Dr. Syuiti Mori, Japan—1987

Prof. Maurice Fontaine, France—1991

Prof. Brian Morton, Hong Kong—1993

Dr. Didin D. Sastrapradja, Indonesia—1993

Dr. Victor Rabinowitch, U.S.A.—1995

Dr. Kiyoshi Yamazato, Okinawa—1995

Dr. G. Robin South, Fiji—1997

Dr. Charles Birkeland, U.S.A.—1998

Prof. Jong-Ching Su, China (Taipei)—1998

Dr. Dieter Mueller-Dombois, U.S.A.—1999

Prof. Sun Shu, China (Beijing)—1999

Mr. Robyn Williams, Australia—1999

Dr. Roland J. Fuchs, U.S.A.—2001

Dr. Rebecca Stephenson, Guam—2003

Dr. Keiichi Omoto, Japan—2007

Dr. Eki Senaha, Japan—2007