Individual PSA Membership

Effective April 2009, Individual PSA Memberships are handled through the Pacific Science journal (PSJ) website. Individual memberships are USD $50, and include a year’s subscription to PSJ. All individuals who subscribe to PSJ (which is published and processed by the University of Hawaii Press) automatically receive PSA membership.

There are several reasons for this change in PSA membership policy. Changes in U.S. laws after 2001 concerning the transmission and storage of credit card information (related to concerns over the use of such information by terrorist entities) made it impossible for the PSA Secretariat to handle credit card information. From 2004 to 2009, individual PSA membership payments were processed through PayPal. This proved undesirable because of high overhead charges, as well as because many of PSA’s consituents live in countries that are blocked by PayPal. Unfortunately, the option of providing our own in-house credit card processing facility is cost-prohibitive. Our arrangement with the University of Hawaii Press, which publishes Pacific Science, allows PSA to continue to offer individual memberships via a subscription to Pacific Science.

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For USD $50, Individual Members recieve:

  • The quarterly journal Pacific Science
  • Discounts on PSA Congress and Inter-Congress registration fees
  • Discounts on PSA publications

National Membership Information

National members of the Pacific Science Assocation are Adhering Organizations, e.g., National Academy of Science or like body, from each country or discrete geographic area within or bordering the Pacific Ocean, or with scientific interests in the region, constitute the regular membership of the Association.

In addition, Associate Membership may be held by scientific societies and institutions, NGOs, and corporations.

  • Associate Scientific Association: US$50.00
  • NGO/Corporate Associate: US $100.00
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