Advance science and technology by increasing interdisciplinary collaboration within the Pacific region, by:

  • Holding Congresses and Inter-Congresses and other interdisciplinary meetings to address common concerns and priorities, and to share knowledge,

  • Maintaining vital scientific working groups that will facilitate interdisciplinary research on important subjects,

  • Facilitating communications within and outside the research community, especially focusing on narrowing the “digital divide”,

  • Forming effective and productive partnerships with other scientific organizations, academic and research institutions, governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, and

  • Developing a comprehensive set of program material to assist presentations, proposals, and research carried out by PSA’s constituents

Build scientific and technological capacity in the Pacific region, by:

  • Enhancing communication opportunities for isolated scientists and scientific groups, through such activities as leveraging travel grants, in-country programs, and encouraging special efforts to include these colleagues in PSA-related research activities,

  • Promoting the active participation of women and other under-represented groups in the PSA and regional scientific activities,

  • Diversifying the leadership opportunities within PSA,

  • Strengthening PSA’s education and mentoring activities for capacity-building,

  • Increasing the involvement of students and young scientists in PSA, and

  • Fostering common scientific protocols and methodologies.

Encourage science for public policy and the common good in the Pacific, by:

  • Encouraging policy relevance in Congresses and Inter-Congresses and other symposia and meetings,

  • Enhancing the policy relevance of PSA and how official PSA resolutions can exert a greater influence on encouraging sound decision-making,

  • Facilitating policy-relevant research and activities and creating links between PSA and other international bodies involved in policy formulation, and

  • Concentrating on science for public policy; and to

Promote the “Science of the Pacific” and Pacific Island involvement in regional and international scientific activities by:

  • Partnering with Pacific Island scientists and institutions to ensure that Pacific Island states and scientists are actively involved in PSA’s activities,

  • Developing greater research strength and capacity within the Pacific Islands ,

  • Facilitating an organized program of Pacific Research Initiatives, and

  • Holding Inter-Congresses in the Pacific Islands.

Scientific Working Groups have been established to investigate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas identified as relevant.